- Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why register at a box shop when there's Antiquaria?

While clicking around from inspiration blog to inspiration blog the other day I noticed a sidebar ad for something called "Antiquaria". Intrigued, I clicked and was brought to a page more inspiring than anything else I'd seen that day!
From the site: "Antiquaria is the brainchild of designers/dish hoarders Bailey Amon and Emma James. After diligently collecting dish patterns, pyrex, and mid century pieces for many years, the friends have decided to share their passion with the world and offer up their inspiration and finds to you!"

And the best part? You can create a registry from any of the items offered on the site. This is not your typical dish, bowl, mixer registry. This is aesthetically unique - filled with vintage one-of-a-kind pieces. So what are you waiting for? I'd run over there and grab up as much vintage goodness as possible! Here's a sampling of things you can register for:

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