- Monday, October 3, 2011

LI Vineyard Tour

From our intern Sonia:

Last Sunday, I was able to attend the ABC Wine Tour out east in Long Island with Regina. We were able to visit 5 vineyards and it was definitely an amazing experience. I was able to try many wines and get a tour of these gorgeous properties. While taking this tour I was able to see how each vineyard was so different and beautiful in their own ways.

The Vineyards we went to were: Old Field, Sparkling Pointe, Duck Walk, Bedell, and Raphael. Old Field was a bit more for the rustic bride and the ceremony site was absolutely breathtaking. It was by their house and the view was a beach. Sparkling Pointe, my personal favorite, was a bit more on the chic side with their contemporary furniture and Brazilian paintings. The atmosphere was a little bit on the more posh side, yet you still felt completely relaxed.

Duck Walk was one of the only vineyards that I knew of that allowed dogs on their property. They also had an amazing Blueberry Port, which of course I bought! Bedell was beautiful and the wine was equally amazing. I loved the entire feel and the people are extremely friendly. Raphael had a gorgeous Mediterranean look to the place. The atmosphere was extremely romantic and spacious enough to throw a beautiful wedding!

I had such an amazing day and enjoyed all the wine I was able to try!

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