- Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sonia's Impartial (ahem) Expo Review

Last week I was able to attend the Long Island Bridal Expo in Melville. It was such an interesting time. There were many vendors who set up there booths to show off the many talents they possessed. I saw and met with a wide variety of vendors who each possessed something distinctively unique about them.

There were many florists, some who used dry ice in their vases with water and beautiful floral arrangements, others used crystals intertwined in their arrangements. My personal favorite was a lady who used a tree and had flowers wrapped around it with crystals and hanging candles. There were also many booths set up to show off a specific venue. Many of these vendors passed out delicious samples of food and others gave out champagne.

My favorite booth of course was Cloud Nove. The reason I felt this way was because we had such an elegant, sophisticated, vintage themed booth. The feeling I received when I stepped into our booth was one of a calming nature, which I feel every bride or groom needs during the planning of their dream wedding. This is what I feel Cloud Nove Events represents, our job is to take the stress away so the couple can just focus on themselves! Overall, my first week has been extremely fun!

***You can contact Sonia via email sonia@cloudnoveevents.com***

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