- Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Favorite Things: Unforgettable Moments

From our Intern Kate:
When you ask people to be a part of your bridal party, you’re not just asking them to be your network of support on your wedding day, you’re also asking them to spend a good chunk of cash as well. Between the bachelorette party, the dress, hair, makeup, a bridesmaid could go broke on your wedding.

TheUnforgettable Moments collection is one of the ways you can make like easier on your bridesmaids (and their wallets).  Available at Payless, the collection consists of 15 different styles in 64 different colors. The collection has heels and flats appropriate for every style of wedding at any time of year. Most of the shoes can be dyed to one of 64 different colors to perfectly match your bridal party’s dresses. The best part? The entire collection is priced under $50.00.

As your bridal party’s costs start to climb, the Unforgettable Moments collection is one way to ease the pain in their pockets.

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