- Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Favorite Things: theknot.com

From our Intern Joanna:
The new talk of the town in the world of weddings is innovative wedding reception decor! As an event decorator, we love to add unique, budget-friendly touches throughout the wedding and the wedding reception. Wowing your couples is always our priority but how about their guests? Classic decor enhances a darker room while maintaining a cozy feel for both the couple that prefers an intimate feel.

A tented outdoor reception with "swags of evergreen and flowers hung from the tent, with lots of lanterns and twinkling lights" create a simple garden-like feel for the couple who are nature lovers at heart. According to weddings.theknot.com, "pretty ceremony decor ideas" was the trending topic on their home site this past week, providing creative ideas to incorporate when thinking of the ceremony and reception. For it's neverending stream of inspirational photos and ideas, theknot.com is one of our favorite things.

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