- Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Favorite Things: The 7 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make...

From our Intern Kate:

Having an engagement photo shoot is a wonderful way to celebrate your love with your betrothed. You can use the pictures on all your save the dates, your website, or a rehearsal dinner slide show.  More and more couples, however, are now either prolonging the shoot until later on in their engagement or foregoing the experience all together.

Thaoski, the UK based “art director and storyteller for engagement shoots “, is trying to change the way couples approach their engagement photo sessions. Her blog showcases different stories that she has captured and offers tips and ideas for couple about their engagement photos.

Thaoski has also released (the real reason I’m writing about her this week) a book entitled The 7 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make With Their Engagement Photography.  The book breaks down all of the “mistakes” that engaged couples make and what they can do to resolve them, as well as tips for how to approach your photo shoot in the most prepared and creative way possible. Thaoski even talks about waiting too long to get your pictures taken as one of her mistakes. She believes so firmly in timing, she will only work with newly engaged couples!

The entire book is available for download on her blog page, www.thaoski.com. For a sneak peek at the book, go to http://thaoski.com/sneak-peek/ .

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