- Monday, June 20, 2011

Joanna's Thoughts on our Giveaway

From our Intern Joanna:
As a natural humanitarian, I was thrilled when the invitation to compose the Press Release for the 2012 “Giving Back’ WeddingGiveaway came my way! There is nothing like contributing to such a great cause while ultimately supporting your community.  Until recently, I hadn’t heard of participating vendors such as Carmen Rubio Photography, Sweet Melissa’s Cakes or Afresh Approach. Having the opportunity to learn about those businesses that have an evident concern and compassion to give back was even more inspiring. So much so, I got to thinking.

Maybe next year’s “Giving Back” Wedding Giveaway might entail teaming up with the non-for-profit sector! The winning couple could work with the vendors, donating time and monetary gifts to an organization that supports the identical cause the community feels is most important. This type of contest would still give back to the deserving couple while further illuminating the significance of a cause dear to the community, giving added confidence for lifelong change.

Hey, we all know how tough this economy has been. That doesn’t mean we slow down during our journey to eternal bliss. What better way to help drive that journey, than to literally give back to life what will only come right back to you sooner than you can say…

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