- Monday, June 13, 2011

An Insider's Glimpse from our Interns!

So once a week I've asked my Interns to share a little bit with you about their experience working with Cloud Nove Events. Here's Joanna's first posting:

Having successfully concluded my first week, I must admit…my zeal lives on!

I was elated when I learned that I would be diving back into the talented Event Planning Trade this Thursday, by watching a live stream of PlannerTech. As an Event Decorator who has coordinated and beautified many events, tuning into a showcase that confirmed how easy keeping up with innovative event technology is, left me with a fresh and optimistic viewpoint.

Listening to each of the 10 exhibiting suppliers who introduced their product or service was an original wrap-up to a stimulating week. Within the last 24 hours, I’ve probably thought of 24 groundbreaking ways for our brides to love us THAT much more!

**** You can contact Joanna via email at Joanna@cloudnoveevents.com ****

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