- Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's hear it for the boy

You’ve met the perfect guy, he’s finally popped the question, and now you’re sporting a gorgeous engagement ring on your finger. What’s next? Most likely if you’re planning your own wedding, you’ve got list after list of things to do. And, you’re feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed with all of the decisions and tasks in front of you. You know that getting your future husband to help with the wedding planning will take some pressure off of you, AND it will help improve communication and team work… but you can’t get him away from the Wii remote for 10 minutes!

Sound somewhat familiar? Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to engage your fiancé in the planning process. At first, give him short, specific instructions for small tasks, and eventually you can build your way up to “booking the honeymoon” after he feels more comfortable and involved. Here are some ideas for you to get started:

Can’t pry him away from his computer or iphone? Great! Turn that passion into productivity and ask him to build your wedding website, create your DVD slideshow for the reception, or keep family members up to date with wedding festivities by writing a wedding blog.

Your registry - many couples are adding nontraditional items to their registry, like flat screen TVs, camcorders, or even tools. Remind your fiancé that he doesn’t have to actually go to the store to register; he can just add items that he’d like from the comfort of his home computer. Also, and I’ve learned this from experience, do not underestimate the joy a man gets out of holding the scanning gun while you register. Ladies, you may control the remote – but let your fiancé control the registry gun!

Food and alcohol... now THERE are two ideas a man can get behind! Ask your groom to accompany you to your menu and cake tasting (he may even want to pick out the cake topper). Find out what his wine preferences are – or suggest he hosts a wine tasting night with his friends to help pick your selections.

Price line negotiator… OK, maybe he’s not running around like William Shatner, but if your soon-to-be husband has good negotiating skills why not ask him to work out the prices with vendors, and see what kinds of "extras" or discounts he can persuade them to throw in for you.

This one may seem obvious, but worthy of mention – your big day transportation. Take your fiancé along to visit various showcases and check out the fleet. He may impress you with his knowledge on the difference between the Bentley Arnage and Flying Spur, and will definitely enjoy checking out the Hummer or Tuxedo navigator stretch.

If it has to do with the guys – groomsmen gifts, tuxedos, gifts for Dad - involve your fiancé. And, if he's familiar with your wedding location, ask him to create a list of things to do, good places to eat and fun bars in your area to include in your out-of-town guest welcome bags.

Share resources with your husband, like Craig Michael’s book, Thirty to Wife: The Tell-All Groom's Guide to Weddings-How to Get Hitched Without Losing Your Mind or Your Fiancée. Or send your hubby-to-be a link to Groom 411. This is a humorous and informative site created by the same guy who authored the book above. He’s determined to help other men not make the same mistakes he made when planning his wedding. There are facts, articles, interactive lists, and tools to use – including the (in)decision-o-matic – you’ve got to see this!

Remember that just because he isn’t as excited about peonies as you are, doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in the wedding. A lack of initiative doesn't always mean a lack of interest. However, a little motivation could help. I read an article where a groom said that for every item he crossed off his to-do list, his wife bought him a new gadget from Home Depot. Tools can be persuading; so can freshly baked brownies, a romantic night in, and a little acknowledgement and praise. In summary, a little bribery can go a long way to crossing items off that wedding to-do list!
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